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Welcome to the first ever round of [community profile] historyfest, a prompt fest for historical rpf!

Rules, Information and Timeline

  • Prompting opens March 1.
  • Prompting closes March 15.
  • Filling closes April 30.
  • You may fill as soon as a prompt is posted, but an organised list of prompts will be posted after prompting ends.
  • All countries and historical periods are welcome. (For the purposes of this fest, history will be defined as pre-1950.)
  • Gen, het, slash, femslash and poly are all encouraged, as are all genres and ratings.
  • You may post anonymously if you wish. This includes both prompts and fills.
  • There is no minimum level of historical significance to be included in this fest. People can be politicians, generals, writers, artists, actors, jesters, monarchs, philosophers, scientists, spouses, parents, siblings, children, or merely someone who once did something odd that happened to be written about.
  • Don't be an asshole.


  • One prompt per comment, but you may leave as many comments as you like.
  • You may prompt 'crossovers' between people who never met or weren't alive at the same time.
  • To allow for easy categorisation, please title the thread in the following format: Country, Century
  • If the people involved belong to more than one country or century, please list both, e.g. Ancient Egypt/Ancient Rome, 1st Century BCE; China, 2nd-3rd Century; Britain, 1st Century/16th Century


  • Fills may consist of fic, art, mixes, or whatever you feel inspired to make.
  • There is no minimum or maximum length or size.
  • When posting, leave your fill as a reply to the original prompt. Make sure to change the thread title to "Fill: Title of Work, Medium, Country, Century, People/Ship, Rating" so people know you've posted something.
  • For fic, you may paste your work into the comment itself, or leave a link to where it's hosted elsewhere.
  • For art or other multimedia works, please provide a link to where it is hosted rather than embedding it.
  • You may fill your own prompts.
  • Multiple fills for the same prompt are allowed.
  • Please provide suitable warnings.
  • There is an AO3 collection here if you'd like to use it.
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Date: 2015-03-02 05:38 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Delphine LaLaurie, wealthy and respectable French Créole matron, secret torturer of slaves whom she kept chained in her attic.

I'm interested in the relationship between her and her loyal butler Bastien, who protected her secrets until an angry mob tore him apart. Either het or gen is fine; the loyalty is to me the interesting part.

England, 14th Century

Date: 2015-03-02 05:53 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Richard II, Anne of Bohemia, Geoffrey Chaucer.

Anything about the (hypothetical) encounter between Chaucer, Anne of Bohemia, and Richard II that inspires the framing story for Legend of Good Women.

England, 17th Century

Date: 2015-03-02 05:54 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Christmas, 1618: William Drummond of of Hawthornden and Ben Jonson get to drinking and talking. After quite a bit of drinking and quite a bit of talking, Jonson gets into how he really feels about one of his contemporaries. (With exactly as much attitude as usual.)

Austria, 19th Century

Date: 2015-03-02 11:44 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Antonio Salieri and Franz Schubert end up accidentally solving a mystery together during the various concerts and parties associated with the Congress of Vienna. Bonus points for all of the buddy cop tropes.

England, 15th C., Edward IV/Richard III

Date: 2015-03-03 12:06 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I really need some Edward IV/Richard III incest fic--angry/angsty fic where Richard fights with Edward about George would be awesome, as would Worried!Big Brother Edward.

France, 17th Century CE

Date: 2015-03-03 10:32 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Julie d'Aubigny(/anyone), life as a bisexual opera singer/swordsmaster

England, 19th century

Date: 2015-03-03 01:31 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
William Ewart Gladstone/Benjamin Disraeli - (either together or apart) anything about them, their rivalry, or their politics.

England, 16th-17th Century

Date: 2015-03-03 06:12 pm (UTC)
executrix: (halfassprince)
From: [personal profile] executrix
Beaumont/Fletcher: writer's block

ENGLAND, 19th Century

Date: 2015-03-03 06:14 pm (UTC)
executrix: (desprom)
From: [personal profile] executrix
Queen Victoria/John Brown or Queen Victoria-John Brown. Zup with that? A.N. Wilson says that a respectable cleric confessed on his deathbed to having married them.

ENGLAND, 19th Century

Date: 2015-03-03 06:15 pm (UTC)
executrix: (desprom2)
From: [personal profile] executrix
Pre-Raphaelite Brothercest

Europe, 12th or 16th century

Date: 2015-03-03 06:59 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Eleanor of Aquitaine meets Anne Boleyn (somehow...) for a chat about the problems of marrying a monarch.

Japan, 12th/13th Century CE

Date: 2015-03-03 07:25 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Tomoe Gozen, " ready to confront a demon or a god"
From: (Anonymous)
Catullus and Roxelana, timetravelling roadtrip

England, 16th-17th Century

Date: 2015-03-04 10:32 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Francis Beaumont/John Fletcher, what's mine is yours

Ancient Egypt/Ancient Rome, 1st Century BC

Date: 2015-03-04 12:39 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Mark Antony/Cleopatra VII, last night in Tarsus

Ancient Rome, 1st Century BC

Date: 2015-03-04 12:41 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Mark Antony, Just give me one fine day of plain sailing weather / And I can fuck up anything, anything

Mexico, 16th Century

Date: 2015-03-04 01:19 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
La Malinche-centric, with an emphasis on Cort├ęs' allegiances with the indigenous leaders and how they basically helped him defeat the Mexica for their own ends.
From: (Anonymous)
Hannibal Barca/Scipio Africanus, every victory is a wound

Ancient Rome/Bithynia, 1st Century BC

Date: 2015-03-04 03:44 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Julius Caesar/Nicomedes IV, Caesar never let Nicomedes penetrate him. That doesn't mean they never had sex.

Germany, 19th Century

Date: 2015-03-04 04:52 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Ludwig II/Richard Wagner, a flight of fancy, a fall from grace

England/France, 20th Century/18th Century

Date: 2015-03-05 02:34 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Timeslip hijinks. To facilitate an objective of the author's choosing, Robespierre and T.E. Lawrence are forced to go on an impromptu road trip together. Robespierre rides in the sidecar of one of Ned's 1904184981481 motorcycles. Wig loss ensues.

England, 16th Century

Date: 2015-03-05 02:44 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Christopher Marlowe/Thomas Kyd -- there are some things even Kit Marlowe can't say.

China, 19th Century

Date: 2015-03-05 04:33 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Ching Shih, the greatest pirate that ever lived expands her empire... INTO SPACE

Britain, 18th-19th Century

Date: 2015-03-05 05:52 am (UTC)
aestivali: Mark Antony and Julius Caesar from Horrible Histories (Default)
From: [personal profile] aestivali
Horatio Nelson/Thomas Hardy, how we used to touch

Britain/Belgium, 19th Century

Date: 2015-03-05 05:54 am (UTC)
aestivali: Mark Antony and Julius Caesar from Horrible Histories (Default)
From: [personal profile] aestivali
Princess Charlotte of Wales/Leopold I of Belgium, dreams of a future that will never come
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